Ohio Eastern Star- Mt. Vernon, Ohio
  IDEAS was involved in initial programming, design development, interior finish review and staff training for this 24 bed Alzheimer’s/Dementia unit. The building opened in 2005, and has a waiting list of people waiting to move in.
Leonard and Madlyn Abramson Center for Jewish Life - Philadelphia, PA
 This is an on-going project to help develop a whole new campus for the PGC. Our involvement has been both at the conceptual level, reviewing emerging trends in long term care and related philosophies of care, and in more detailed plan review and design assistance. Contact: Avalie Saperstein, Project Manager. (215) 376-0450.
The Wealshire - Chicago, IL
 IDEAS worked with the owner/developer Arnie Goldberg very early in his process to help him define the overall model of care of The Wealshire, and then had extensive interaction with the architect, Ken Behles, on creating a residential experience in this 144 bed, one story building. Contact: Arnie Goldberg, President of The Wealshire 708-883-9026, and Ken Behles, architect, 847-864-0440.
Meriter Retirement Community - Madison, WI
 IDEAS was heavily involved with Meriter as they planned a replacement assisted living center. This involved a substantial amount of conceptualization work on image and levels of service. IDEAS was also involved throughout the design process with the architects. Most of the people we worked with most closely have left. Our remaining contact there is Linda Lane (608) 283-2000. Or, you can call the architect, Dale Streitenberger at 414-271-5350 to discuss Maggie’s involvement in the project.
Friendship Village of Dublin - Dublin, OH
 We have been working with this organization on their continuum of dementia care service program, starting with creating a dementia-specific assisted living unit, with well defined and objective admission and discharge criteria. We will eventually also be working on the design of an addition, though we have not yet begun this phase of the work. Contact Karina Harding (614-717-1600).
Hennis Care Center - Dover, OH
 This is facility had serious problems with storage and staff space, as well as very few amenities for the residents. We helped them to define alternative options for their nursing station and work space, along with a therapeutic kitchen to support more home-based activities. Contact Anita Peffer 330-364-8849.

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