Environment & Communication Assessment Toolkit for Dementia Care

Speech-Language Pathologists, Nurses,
and Occupational Therapists will love
this exciting new resource for dementia care!

What is ECAT?

Environment & Communication Assessment Toolkit (ECAT) for Dementia Care

As communication skills decline in people with dementia, a supportive environment becomes crucial to a resident's ability to express needs and desires. But how do you recognize what physical and social changes will help improve functioning, communication, and quality of life? The Environment & Communication Assessment Toolkit (ECAT) for Dementia Care is your answer! This evidence-based toolkit (see "ECAT at a Glance" below) includes the tools you need to assess, intervene, and modify on an individualized basis to ensure the quality of life for people with dementia. In three easy-to-follow steps, the ECAT Assessment Forms help you
Identify activity performance deficits with quick yes/no questions
Evaluate the environment to identify barriers and problems
Pinpoint individualized recommendations for intervention

ECAT is not only person-centered but real-world! Its developers are researchers and experienced clinicians who have made sure that ECAT
Integrates effortlessly into evaluation and treatment sessions
Helps in keeping up with case load demands with creative solutions
Satisfies regulatory requirements
Leads to straightforward functional therapeutic interventions
Identifies low-cost, person-centered environmental modifications!

In field-tests, 98% of professionals using ECAT reported it gave them new treatment options to use with clients with dementia. Discover for yourself the surprisingly simple environmental changes that can improve functional independence and resident well-being changes such as supporting bathroom independence by increasing the size of sign lettering to identify spaces and using colored tape around a door handle, or encouraging social interaction by rearranging seating areas.

ECAT for Dementia Care has more than 300 specific recommendations for interventions and modifications that will reduce typical problems encountered during routine activities of daily living for people with dementia. With the ECAT's functionally based assessment and intervention system, you're equipped with solutions!

ECAT at a Glance

Where to Use
Designed and tested in long-term care settings (assisted living, skilled nursing, and memory care), but also applicable to home settings

What is Assessed
Personal spaces and public spaces, visibility, wayfinding and navigation, contrast, sound and light levels (meters required)

Intervention Guidelines
The ECAT Manual provides detailed intervention recommendations correlated to assessment results.

Who Completes It
SLP, OT, nurse, social worker or case manager, therapeutic recreation professional

Time Required
30-60 minutes depending on the level of functioning of the resident and the number of supportive features in the environment

Training Required
The ECAT Manual provides all the information needed for understanding and assessing environmental factors affecting communication and functioning, and for identifying and implementing effective interventions.

Evidence Base
Funded by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. Across 3 years, rigorous feasibility and utility testing yielded significant results, reported in the ECAT Manual. Additional study with SLPs, OTs, PTs, and nurses showed positive outcomes on four measures: Awareness of environmental interventions, Impact on practice, Utility of the information, and Usability of the materials

Expert Developers and Advisors
ECAT was developed by a team of speech-language pathologists and architects who specialize in dementia care, with the support of an expert Technical Advisory Committee from speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, nursing, and gerontology, as well as a Clinical Review Panel of rehabilitation, nursing, and activity professionals working in long-term care communities.

To learn more about ECAT for Dementia Care, visit www.healthpropress.com/ECAT



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Environment and Communication
Assessment Toolkit for Dementia Care

Speech-Language Pathologists,
Nurses, and Occupational Therapists
Learn about this exciting new resource!

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Environment and Communication Assessment Toolkit for Dementia Care (ECAT)

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