Environment & Communication Assessment Toolkit for Dementia Care

Speech-Language Pathologists, Nurses,
and Occupational Therapists will love
this exciting new resource for dementia care!

What You Get

In the Environment and Communication Assessment Toolkit for Dementia Care (ECAT)

ECAT Manual
Including intervention procedures

ECAT Assessment Instruments

  • ECAT Assessment Forms
    • Evaluation of Personal Spaces
    • Evaluation of Public Spaces
  • Gray Scale Contrast Tool
  • Type Size Reading Test
  • Sound Meter
  • Light Meter

ECAT Card Pack
with Sequencing Cues and more

Assessment Instruments and Intervention Tools

ECAT Manual
Your starting point is the ECAT Manual a user's guide, technical manual, and educational resource all in one clearly organized book! The Manual details how limitations associated with dementia can impact communication, describes step-by-step how to complete the assessments, and includes appropriate interventions and modifications (more than 300 of them!) in handy tables cross-referenced to the assessments. These interventions and modifications offer specific strategies for implementing environmental changes that tackle the communication difficulties the Assessment Instruments allow you to pinpoint. The Manual has other bonuses, too like the final section with everything you need to know about lighting (methods, types, fixtures, bulbs, suppliers, and more).

ECAT Assessment Instruments
Each of these assessment tools is included in your toolkit (see descriptions below):

  • Evaluation of Personal Spaces
    (6-page Assessment Form use one per resident)
  • Evaluation of Public Spaces
    (5-page Assessment Form use one per resident)
  • Gray Scale Contrast Tool
  • Type Size Reading Test
  • Sound Intensity Assessment (completed with the sound meter)
  • Light Level Assessment (completed with the light meter)

The ECAT Instruments are available to you in a combination of ways to suit the way you will use the toolkit. Read below in Components and Pricing for your options.

ECAT Assessment Forms
(Evaluation of Personal Spaces, Evaluation of Public Spaces)
The ECAT Assessment Forms quickly identify environmental barriers that are preventing your residents from participating in activities of daily living, leisure activities, or social communication in both your public spaces and their own personal space. With simple yes/no answers, these clinician-loved tools let you organize, analyze, and translate assessment results into appropriate recommendations for intervention. Each Form has three sections: Activity Performance, Environmental Measures, and Recommendations for Intervention. Included in your toolkit is a convenient booklet containing both Assessment Forms. Additional booklets may be purchased in packages of 15, or Assessment Forms may be printed from the CD-ROM in your kit.

ECAT Card Pack
This handy pack of sturdy 8x11 cards contains 24 Sequencing Cues cards (each full color) and 1 card featuring the Gray Scale Contrast Tool on one side and the Type Size Reading Test on the other.

ECAT Sequencing Cues
These re-usable, wipeable, non-glare cards provide illustrated sequencing cues for common activities of daily living, including getting dressed, taking a shower (male and female versions), using the toilet (male and female versions), and washing one's face.

Gray Scale Contrast Tool
You'll use this handy card again and again to determine whether signage and other visual aids in a person's environment have adequate contrast. Instructions for using this tool are in the ECAT Manual.

Type Size Reading Test
Printed on the reverse of the Gray Scale Contrast Tool, this one-page test is a handy and reliable way to be sure that sign lettering is the right size for each person's needs. Instructions for using the reading test are in the ECAT Manual. This tool also comes in the ECAT Card Pack or can be printed from the CD-ROM.

This cost-saving component of the toolkit provides PDFs you can access and print whenever you want to print additional copies of the Assessment Forms, Sequencing Cues, or the tests for Gray Scale Contrast and Type Size Reading. The CD-ROM also contains Personal Space Signs full-page, black-and-white illustrations of Toilet, Bathroom, and Closet.

Sound and Light Meters
Critical to the ECAT evaluation is understanding the role of light and sound within the environment. High-quality meters, selected for their accuracy and reliability in measuring these important variables, are packaged in the ECAT Toolkit. The meter readings are a critical part of completing the Assessment Forms.


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Environment and Communication
Assessment Toolkit for Dementia Care

Speech-Language Pathologists,
Nurses, and Occupational Therapists
Learn about this exciting new resource!

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Environment and Communication Assessment Toolkit for Dementia Care (ECAT)

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